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Eitan Reiter

Places I Miss That I Haven't Been To


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In his debut Eitan presents the culmination of a few years' work, a real journey into unreal territories, that only his mind visited so far. Very emotional and defying defining, Eitan's music manages to touch that place in us that makes us long for something, even if we've never experienced it before.

Fredrik Ohr

Falling through the Earth


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Falling through the Earth is the much awaited debut album from Stockholm based musician and producer Fredrik Ohr. The album offers a wonderful dreamy and fresh combination of North European atmospheres interlaced with Asian influences, dipped in 70s psychedelic delicate feel.


The Divine Invasion


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Three years in the making, The Divine Invasion offers an irresistible mix of spacey dubby beats, dreamy atmospheres and unique compositions. The same irresistible mix that made the New York Times label Bluetech as “one of the best ambient artists”.


Various Artists

Natural Born Chillers 2


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musical genre-breaking story that journeys through different musical landscapes and geographical territories. Expect hypnotic rhythms, dubby moves, psychedelic adventures and refreshing sounds with ventures into different corners of our globe and into other dimensions.


Everyday Life


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With penetrating melodies and emotional atmospheres, laced with simple smart lyrics, Unoccupied paint a vivid picture of daily reality and beautifully combines the electronic and the acoustic, downtempo electronica and soft rock, ambient pop and alternative music.


Some Things Never Change


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Hibernation's debut is a mix of downtempo electronica touching many genres and styles. Veteran Seb Taylor mixes here Lounge, Glitch, IDM, Psychill, Breaks, Ambient and more, and the outcome is something special, a new sound. Chillout with a twist!
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