Sines and Singularities

Track List:

Bluetech - Enter the Lovely
Bluetech - Condensation
Bluetech - Leaving Winter Behind
Bluetech - Forgiveness
Shulman - First Came the Starts (Bluetech remix)
Pitch Black - Ape to Angel (Bluetech's evolution remix)
Bluetech - Airstream
Bluetech - Dreamtime Lullaby
Bluetech - Shimmer
Bluetech - Wilderness
Bluetech - A Garland of Stars

Release Notes

Aleph Zero is proud to present the second highly anticipated Bluetech album. Sines and Singularities offers a step forward in Bluetech's unmistakable and distinct emotional spacey sound, and shows an evolved Bluetech character. Extensive touring since his last album led Evan in explorations of new realms of sonic structures. The outcome of these physical journeys is a spiritual musical inward deep dive that unfolds and penetrates new dimensions in Bluetech musical persona, exposing more of his unique sound-constructed emotional reflections of the world. Diverse and colorful, this amazing album offers a more complete perspective from different angles of the Bluetech sound, and flirts with the more danceable side of downtempo music, while remaining a fundamentally relaxed and soothing experience. It includes interpretations to Pitch Black & Shulman.

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Media format: CD

Catalog No.: AlephZ04

Genre: Downtempo Electronica / Ambient / Chillout / IDM / Dub / PsyDM

Release date: 5.12.2005


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The next step in sonic evolution