Without EP

Track List:

Broken Window

Release Notes

The minute we hit play on the first demo we got from Nate Connelly it was clear - we want him on our roster! And here we are with “Without EP”, a first taste from Nate Connelly in Aleph Zero and a preview for his album “A Dream About Being Lost” which will be our first release for 2013.


Nate’s music is highly atmospheric and very cinematic. It is full of feel and emotion with a streak of melancholy and also very psychedelic with a touch of an alien feel. The sound and structures of the compositions are irresistible and just suck you in. It is music from the other side. We invite you to cross over.


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Media format: Digital Downloads

Catalog No.: AlephZD07

Genre: Trip Hop / Electronica / Downtempo / IDM / Glitch / Ambient / Chillout

Release date: 10.12.2012


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