Dream Flash EP

Track List:

Dream Flash
Dream Flash (Fredrik Ohr remix)

Release Notes

As a preview to a release we are very excited about, the double album from Ooze - Where the Fields Never End : Revisited, we present you with a new EP from Ooze - Dream Flash. A brand new original Ooze track after a long silence, coupled with a remix from Fredrik Ohr. It’s a Dream Flash.


Ooze, for those who missed it, is the downtempo and chillout project of Sebastian Mullaert, half of one of the major acts in electronic dancefloor music in the last decade, Minilogue (Cocoon Records), and also half of the leading psychedelic trance act Son Kite. His album, Where the Fields Never End, was released by the legendary (now inactive) Spirit Zone label in 2001 and became a classic of psychedelic chillout.

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Media format: Digital Downloads

Catalog No.: AlephZD06

Genre: Electronica / Downtempo / Psychill / Chillout / Glitch

Release date: 27.8.2012


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