Where the Fields Never End : Revisited

Track List CD1:

What's Up
Restricted Flow
Get It Done
Meeting with Strange Species
Trying Outwards
Delicate Passage
Searching Inwards


Track List CD2:

Quintessence (Spatialize remix)
What's Up (Bluetech's schaffel dub)
Restricted Flow (Evan Marc remix)
Trying Outwards (Ooze remake)
Quintessence (Koss remix)
Meeting with Strange Species (Karl-Axel Bissler not too loud remix)
Meeting with Strange Species (Eitan Reiter’s oozing my mind remix)
Get it Done (Sebastian Mullaert’s wander in space remix)
Trying Outward (I Awake & Omnimotion remix)
Delicate Passage (Minilogue remix)
Restricted Flow (Porn Sword Tobacco överväxt kommandobrygga remix)
Where the Fields Never End (Outro)

Release Notes

 We are happy to invite you to visit again one of the classic psychedelic chillout albums of all times in Ooze - Where the Fields Never End : Revisited. Ooze is the downtempo and chillout project of Sebastian Mullaert, half of one of the major acts in electronic dancefloor music in the last decade, Minilogue (Cocoon Records), and also half of the leading psychedelic trance act Son Kite.
The original album was released in 2001 by the legendary (now inactive) Spirit Zone label and has been unavailable for many years. We are making it available now again and have added a second CD with current interpretations to the original tracks by leading artists such as Bluetech, Minilogue, Porn Sword Tobacco, Eitan Reiter, Omnimotion & I Awake, Koss, Evan Marc, KAB, Spatialize and Sebastian himself. Each CD offers a cohesive musical journey full of emotion and feel. And while very different they connect well together and give you a glimpse of the journey that Ooze, Aleph Zero and downtempo music have gone through in the decade that has passed.

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Media format: 2CD

Catalog No.: AlephZ20

Genre: Electronica / Downtempo / Psychill / Chillout / Ambient

Release date: 17.9.2012


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