Digital Singles vol. 2

Track List:

Bluetech - Hungry Ghosts
Aligning Minds - Swollen Sovereign
Altair - Rock your Soul
Cuts - Refuge
Unoccupied - Have it All (radio edit)
Hibernation - Spatial Needs
Krusseldorf - Down Low
Eitan Reiter - On and On
Omnimotion - Autonomic
Fredrik Ohr - Mixed Up
Shulman - Inner Selves (Ishq remix)

Release Notes

The second volume in the Digital Singles series aimed at giving Aleph Zero fans access to fresh tracks coming from our artists' studios in between projects; To more unconventional creations from them; And to material that was originally licensed to other labels or projects.
Featured in this volume are Shulman, Bluetech, Ishq, Hibernation, Omnimotion, Fredrik Ohr, Krusseldorf, Unoccupied, Eitan Reiter, Aligning Minds, Altair and Cuts. We invite you to enjoy the full diversity of Aleph Zero's roster with varied sounds touching downtempo electronica, electro acoustics, ambient, chillout, psychill, idm, dub & breaks.

Media format: Digital Downloads

Catalog No.: AlephZD03

Genre: Electronica / Downtempo / Ambient / IDM / Glitch / Psychedelic / Chillout

Release date: 19.1.2010


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