The Shulman project, comprised of Yaniv Shulman and Omri Harpaz, is considered one of the leading groups in the psychedelic chill out and ambient scenes and has performed live at large festivals around the world. Shulman's music is filled with evolving organic layers backed by rich harmonies. Shulman has released four artist albums and numerous releases on compilations by leading labels throughout the world. At the moment, the guys are busy working on several new projects and developing their live performance, advancing electronic music live shows to a new level of musical richness and interest. 


Shulman represents true innovation of psychedelic chill out and ambient and is known for breaking borders and morphing new sounds. Shulman’s music is characterized by many ground-breaking sounds and effects, mystical melodies, hypnotic beats, and acoustical instruments, all combined brilliantly to create beautiful harmonies, interesting sonic structures, and deep emotional moments.


Shulman has collaborated with many artists including world music giants Omar Faruk Tekbilek and Steve Shehan, Bluetech, Ishq, Lee Triffon, and many others. In addition, Shulman remixed tracks by Omar Faruk Tekbilek and Steve Shehan, Sub6 and Michele Adamson, and Entheogenic. Shulman’s tracks were remixed by famous artists such as Bluetech, Ishq, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Anahata, and others.


Shulman's live show offers a unique musical experience. The show is comprised of a complex fusion of electronic and acoustic instruments and music, of cutting edge musical technologies and traditional instruments playing, of electronic musical structures and World, Rock, Jazz, Reggae genres and more.

The Shulman live album will be released in Aleph Zero in the end of 2011.




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The next step in sonic evolution