Ooze is the downtempo and chillout project of Sebastian Mullaert, half of one of the major acts in electronic dancefloor music in the last decade, Minilogue, and also half of the leading progressive trance act Son Kite. Sebastian is one of the most prolific, creative and diverse musicians in electronic music in the last decade and a half. Besides the above mentioned projects, he also releases under his own name and was part of many other electronic music projects including IMPS, Dab Screen, Filur, Kooler, Trimatic & Qlap, releasing in many leading labels, among them: Cocoon Records, Mule Electronic, Iboga Records, Digital Structures, Chillosophy, Traum Schallplatten, Baroque Records, Crosstown Rebels, Wagon Repair, Sprout Music, Enemy Records, Flying Rhino, Spirit Zone & Drangofly.

His music, under all of his monikers, is always full of feel and spirit, and it seems that with every listen another layer unfolds. In his creation he always seems to be searching for new directions, whether in his composing or in his production, and you can’t escape the feeling that there is something very honest and self revealing about it.

Aleph Zero will be re-releasing the classic debut Ooze album, which was not available for a long time with a second CD with current interpretation and remixes from leading electronic musicians as Where the Fields Never End : Revisited on September 2012. The album will be preceded by the Dream Flash EP with a new Ooze track and a remix and followed by a compilation of singles, remixes and compilation tracks and new unreleased material, named Random Wondrous Things, in the end of 2012. Hopefully a new Ooze album will follow soon.





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