From Soil to Space

Krusseldorf aka Simon Heath was born in Stockholm, Sweden 1977. Piano school at an early age led to frustration of having to play other peoples' works instead of creating his own, so with an Amiga and a microphone he started learning the ropes of production early on, and started climbing them with great care. Simon has released 14 full length albums in many genres over the years, among them: Atrium Carceri, a black ambient / noise /industrial project that released 5 albums; Za Frûmi, his classical music project, which to this date spans 8 albums and have gotten tracks featured and played by the famous 100+ man Swedish Radio Symphonic Orchestra at the once a year classical music event on national TV.
He was also involved or release under the names: Abnocto, Couchlock, Alembic, Sojobo, Dorf Unit, Preponderance and Knaprika.

Krusseldorf make diverse music, that ranges from glitchy dreamy atmospheric pieces to happy dubby tunes. A term often used to describe his sound, is that it is highly cinematic.

As Krusseldorf he released two albums and few EPs in Sofa Beats/Iboga and another album on Beats & Pieces. Simon is now working on the next Krusseldorf album for Aleph Zero- From Soil to Space, to be released in Autumn of 2011.




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